Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Satu Hari Sebuah Buku


Al-Hamdulillah...praise to ALLAH because give me the opportunity to make this blog have an idea that will be share with myself and also my fellow friends. Why are you speak in English? Writer just want to make sure that her English will be practise in this blog too. Otherwise, today, writer will share about English Novel under title, “ Chicken Soup for the Soul- Family Caregivers. 101 Stories of Love, Sacrifice & Bonding.” Written by Joan Lunden & Amy Newmark.

Al-Hamdulillah, today writer success to finish read the English book that take 2 week time. This is writer first English novel that have been present to writer from her friend at university. Seriously this book make writer realize that all human have their own problem that they need to solve it. This book have their own story from many of writer about caregiver. What happen after they know that their family, spouses or parent had been dialysis to the terrible disease such as Alzheimer, cancer, paralyze and others.

Mostly, they have dialysis as Alzheimer. It is not easier to people to take good care of their family. They need to sacrifice everything include, their jobs, life and dream because of that troubleand disaster, but at the end of the most story, they (writer) tell us that they have sweet & nice memory with their family, spouses or parent that have disease.

The moment with their love one is most interesting part that they will remember until die. Most of the story, were ending with sad moment when their love one were died because of the disease. The story also make me conscious that all human at the end must die and not always be an happy person. According to Islamic teaching, we need to ‘redha’ for all that ALLAH state to us, not be too sad and life must be go on.

Their life become 360 degree changes when they know that their love one have dialysis as diseased person. They become caregiver which is take care whole of the schedule of their love one from bathing, giving foods, settle up the documents, give the best ever love, make sure that their love one in comfortable condition, and much more.

Writer pray that some day she can give an effort as caregiver for her parent and her lovely one in her life as Muslim. She really hope that some day she can be pay attention to her family and of course give much more love to them. InsyaALLAH...

This book are so interesting for me as a reader. The love is needed to all of human being…because of love they become more close together, because of love the problem become more easier to handle it, because of love they can smile although they need to survive better in life.
Writer also got a lot of words in this book that can increase her vocabulary in English language in other to make sure that her MUET (Malaysian University English Test) was past lastly to be grade from USIM.


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